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Sandbox Kids Launches Hopster Channel on Prime Video Channels in Sweden


Sandbox Kids, a leading provider of digital subscription content services for children and families globally, has unveiled an exciting addition to its offerings with the launch of a local-language preschool entertainment and learning channel in Sweden. This new channel, called Hopster, is now available on Prime Video Channels, providing young kids in Sweden with a range of engaging and educational content in their native language.


The Hopster channel aims to captivate children and families by bringing together a delightful mix of original productions and beloved licensed shows. Among the highlights of its content lineup are the educational underwater adventures of Octonauts, the classic British series Teletubbies, the beloved penguin-themed show Pingu, and Louie, a creative program that teaches kids how to draw. Hopster also features its own localized original productions, including Kids Who Save the World, which presents live-action environmental videos, and Saturday Club, an empathy-focused preschool animation.


Families in Sweden can now access the Hopster Learning channel through Prime Video Channels, providing them with a range of curriculum-based entertainment options. Prime members will have the opportunity to subscribe to the Hopster add-on for a nominal monthly fee of SEK45, enjoying a 7-day free trial and the freedom to cancel anytime. This offering enhances the value of their Prime membership by providing access to an extensive library of educational and entertaining content, all conveniently accessible through a single account login and user experience.


Miki Chojnacka, the general manager of Sandbox Kids, expressed enthusiasm about being one of the first children’s platforms to launch on Prime Video Channels in Sweden. Chojnacka emphasized the company’s commitment to helping families discover high-quality and safe content effortlessly, making the partnership with Prime Video Channels a logical step. Sandbox Kids aims to bring its engaging and educational shows to families worldwide, and this expansion into the Swedish market marks a significant milestone in achieving that goal.


The introduction of the Hopster channel on Prime Video Channels in Sweden is a testament to Sandbox Kids’ rapid growth and expanding user base. The company has been working closely with Prime Video’s US team to develop extensive promotional campaigns that will facilitate its continued success and further expansion. Currently available in seven countries, including the US, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain, Hopster offers a fully localized service in France and Spain, catering to the unique preferences and educational needs of each region.


With the launch of Hopster on Prime Video Channels in Sweden, Sandbox Kids continues to solidify its position as a leading provider of educational entertainment, providing families worldwide with safe and engaging content that nurtures children’s learning and creativity.

Key Highlights:

  • Sandbox Kids introduces a local-language preschool channel, Hopster, on Prime Video Channels in Sweden, offering Swedish-language entertainment and educational content for young children.
  • The Hopster channel combines original productions and popular licensed shows, including Octonauts, Teletubbies, Pingu, and Louie, providing a diverse lineup of engaging programs for kids.
  • Prime members in Sweden can access the Hopster Learning channel for a monthly fee of SEK45, with a 7-day free trial and the flexibility to cancel anytime, enhancing their Prime membership with educational entertainment options.
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