Security Expert Urges Government to Release Nnamdi Kanu

Security Expert Urges Government to Release Nnamdi Kanu, Calls for Dialogue with Agitating Groups


Release of Nnamdi Kanu

Retired Colonel Hassa Stan-Labo, a security expert, has urged the Federal Government to release the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. Stan-Labo emphasized that further incarceration would only make Kanu more relevant. While acknowledging that some of Kanu’s actions and pronouncements were offensive to the Nigerian state, Stan-Labo urged the government to engage in a conversation with Kanu and other agitating groups to address security issues effectively.

The Importance of Dialogue

Stan-Labo stressed the need for the government to initiate conversations with agitating groups, particularly in the southeast region of Nigeria. He highlighted that Nigeria is like a family, and when there is an offense within the family, it is essential to sit down and understand the problems. By adopting a dialogue approach and utilizing both the “carrots and sticks diplomacy,” Stan-Labo believes that a conversation with these groups will significantly alleviate tensions in the region.

Risks of Prolonged Incarceration

According to Stan-Labo, prolonging Kanu’s incarceration will only elevate his status as a hero in the southeast. He warned that the longer Kanu remains imprisoned, the more his popularity and influence grow. Stan-Labo even suggested that Kanu could potentially contest the governorship election in any of the states upon his release, without facing questions about his origin. Thus, he emphasized the need to find a resolution through dialogue rather than relying solely on punitive measures

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