Smartphone caller ID service,Truecaller, To Offer WhatsApp Caller ID to curb spam calls


Smartphone caller ID service,Truecaller, has offered messaging platform, WhatsApp, it’s Caller ID to curb spam calls. 

Truecaller Chief Executive Alan Mamedi disclosed the development in a statement on Monday. 

According to Meredith, the feature is currently in beta and is set to roll out worldwide later in May.

This follows an increase in fraudulent international calls that WhatsApp users in India have been receiving recently.

Truecaller reportedly has 350 million users globally and makes money from a variety of methods including advertising, subscription services, and verified business listings.

The Stockholm-based movie app is most popular in India, where it has 250 million out of its total 350 million global users.

This occurs in response to an increase in fraudulent international calls that WhatsApp users in India are receiving.

“Over the last two weeks, we have seen a spike in user reports from India about spam calls over WhatsApp,” Mamedi said

Truecaller released its Live Caller ID function for iPhone users earlier in April.

There is a catch, and unlike users of Android smartphones, iOS users must utilise Siri to access this feature.

For iPhone customers who utilise the Truecaller app, the caller identification service provider has added Live Caller ID as a premium feature.


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