Snapchat Debuts New Generative AI Feature, ‘My AI Snaps,’ for Premium Users


American multimedia instant messaging app and service Snapchat has launched new a new generative AI feature “My AI Snaps’ for its premium subscribers. 

The tech company announced on Wednesday that its subscribers on Snapchat+ will be able to send a Snap of what they’re doing in order to receive a generative Snap back from the in-app chatbot My AI.

Before launching the new generative AI feature today, Snap rolled out a number of other AI-infused updates across the Snapchat app, including the ability to add the My AI chatbot into group conversations with friends, where it can be called up with a @ mention, as well as the use of AI for place recommendations and Lens suggestions.

A release date was not specified when the functionality was first showcased at the Snap Partner Summit held last month, along with the announcement that the My AI feature is now available to all users without charge.

Snap discloses that “While [My AI] was designed to avoid biased, incorrect, harmful, or misleading information, mistakes may occur, so please do not rely on it for advice.”

Snap vowed to add insights to its Family Centre parental controls centre in response to allegations that the My AI chatbot had been responding in an inappropriate way, allowing parents and guardians to stay aware about their children’s interactions with the chatbot.

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