Spanish Football Chief's Mother Hospitalized During Hunger

Spanish Football Chief’s Mother Hospitalized During Hunger Strike Amidst Controversy


Desperate Plea for Truth

The ongoing drama surrounding the aftermath of Spain’s World Cup victory took an emotional turn as Angeles Bejar, the mother of Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales, embarked on a hunger strike within the Divina Pastora church in Motril. She was protesting against her son’s alleged mistreatment following an incident where he forcibly kissed player Jenni Hermoso during the celebrations. Bejar’s hunger strike was driven by a demand for Hermoso to disclose her version of the truth regarding the controversial incident.

An Unsettling Crisis

Bejar’s hunger strike unfolded within the church premises for three days, a heart-wrenching demonstration of a mother’s quest for justice. However, her unwavering dedication took a toll on her well-being. Parish priest Antonio Rodriguez confirmed that Bejar was rushed to the hospital due to a crisis that encompassed both physical and emotional distress. This development highlights the deeply personal and intense emotions that have surrounded the incident.

Beyond Emotional Stress

As the priest shared insights into Bejar’s condition, he emphasized that her exhaustion was a product of more than just the emotional toll of the situation. Bejar, who had pledged to remain within the church until her demands were met, was already grappling with various health challenges that further compounded her physical and emotional state.

The strife within this tale not only exposes the inner turmoil of a family but also reflects the broader repercussions of actions within the sports realm. Bejar’s hunger strike, while a poignant cry for her son’s redemption, underscores the weight of accountability and transparency in sports leadership. As the saga continues, the world watches, hoping for clarity, empathy, and ultimately, healing for all parties involved.

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