Speaker Urges Nigerian Lawmakers

Speaker Urges Nigerian Lawmakers to Prioritize National Success and Address Citizens’ Concerns


Speaker Emphasizes Collective Responsibility for Legislative Success

During the resumption of plenary after a two-week break, the Speaker of the Nigerian parliament urged lawmakers to work collectively for the success of the nation. Highlighting the importance of enacting legislation that improves the general well-being of the people and shapes the country’s future, the Speaker called for lawmakers to rise above personal and partisan interests.

The Bond Between Representatives and Citizens Crucial for Democracy

Addressing his colleagues, the Speaker acknowledged the significance of the connection and bond between representatives and the people they serve. Stressing the responsibility placed upon their shoulders, he emphasized the need to recognize the concerns and challenges faced by constituents, which should inform their legislative decisions.

Urgent Legislative Support Needed to Improve Living Standards

The Speaker emphasized the current need for immediate attention and action from the parliament in supporting the executive’s efforts to improve the living standards of Nigerians. He called on lawmakers to propose legislative reforms that would unlock Nigeria’s economic growth, harness its vast human and natural resources, and remove bottlenecks in critical sectors. Furthermore, he acknowledged the impact of the removal of government subsidies on petroleum products, urging readiness to respond with necessary legislative actions to alleviate the difficulties faced by constituents.

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