ria Launches Product Authentication

Standard Organisation of Nigeria Launches Product Authentication Mark to Combat Substandard Products


In a bid to address the persistent issue of substandard products flooding the Nigerian market, the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has unveiled a new technology solution called the Product Authentication Mark (PAM). The Director-General of SON, Malam Farouk Salim, announced this during a sensitisation meeting with stakeholders in Port Harcourt.

Malam Farouk Salim explained that PAM is a digital technology that complements the existing conformity assessment procedures of SON and manufacturers. Its primary objective is to combat the influx of substandard and counterfeit products in Nigeria. Despite the efforts of the organization, substandard goods continue to enter the country through smuggling and the misuse of SON stickers on uncertified products.

The implementation of PAM, which has already been launched in Lagos and other regions, will strengthen the fight against substandard and counterfeit products. Through the authentication process facilitated by PAM, importers and manufacturers will be unable to import or produce substandard items in Nigeria.

Malam Salim emphasized that SON remains committed to facilitating trade while ensuring that imported and locally manufactured products meet the required international standards. PAM will also play a crucial role in enabling consumers to detect and reject substandard goods in the market, ultimately driving productivity, employment, wealth creation, and improving the security of lives and properties.

The Director of Product Certification at SON, Mr Tersoo Orngudwem, presented the PAM to stakeholders during the meeting. He highlighted the importance of the technology for manufacturers, as it enables them to easily sell and identify their products in the market. By using PAM, consumers can make informed purchases and obtain products that provide value for their money.

PAM stickers will be available for imported products, while local manufacturers can also register and obtain stickers to authenticate their goods in the market. Importers and consumers are encouraged to download the PAM application, which is available on Apple Store, IOS, and Play Store. The stakeholders were directed to visit the SON website to order PAM stickers through a simple process that includes SONCAP certificate verification, payment, and selection of delivery locations for courier services.

Mr Vincent Okwukwu, the Chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) Rivers/Bayelsa, commended SON for its efforts in combating substandard products in the country. He urged business stakeholders to collaborate with MAN and establish their businesses in the state, as the introduction of PAM stickers from SON will ensure the safety of their products and contribute to their success while combating counterfeiting.

As the implementation of PAM progresses, it is expected to significantly reduce the presence of substandard and counterfeit products in the Nigerian market, safeguarding consumers and promoting economic growth.

Key Highlights:

  • The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) introduces Product Authentication Mark (PAM) to tackle the inflow of substandard products into the Nigerian market.
  • The digital technology of PAM complements conformity assessment processes to fight against counterfeit goods.
  • PAM aims to empower consumers to detect fake products, boost productivity, and enhance security while facilitating trade and ensuring compliance with global standards.
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