Stranded Nigerians

Stranded Nigerians to Arrive Today from Port Sudan and Egypt


Key highlights:

  • Complete evacuation from Egypt is expected to be completed today (Friday) as Azman Air will transport 400 passengers while Max Air is to clear the remainder.
  • Boarding has already commenced in Port Sudan, and Taco Aviation is carrying stranded Nigerians back to the country. Priority is being given to females, with around 125 having boarded so far.
  • This evacuation is part of ongoing efforts by the Nigerian government to repatriate its citizens stranded abroad due to the pandemic. The government has been working with private airlines to provide free flights to bring citizens home.

After being stranded in Port Sudan and Egypt, stranded Nigerians are expected to arrive in Nigeria today. The first batch of evacuees arrived in Nigeria on Wednesday night, marking a milestone in the effort to repatriate citizens stranded due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This evacuation effort is a welcome development for the stranded Nigerians who have been waiting to return home. It is also a testament to the Nigerian government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

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