Take Cover

Take Cover – A Poem on Success


Take Cover

In the face of life’s raging storm,
Success is the shelter that keeps us warm.
It’s the cover we seek when the winds blow,
The anchor that keeps us from feeling low.

Success is not a fleeting goal,
But a journey that requires heart and soul.
It takes grit and determination,
To weather the storms of expectation.

Take cover in the power of your dreams,
And the strength of your inner streams.
Believe in yourself and persevere,
And success will be forever near.

Let nothing deter you from your course,
Take each setback as a source of force.
For every obstacle that comes your way,
Is an opportunity to rise and sway.

Take cover in the joy of the climb,
And the thrill of conquering each time.
For success is not a destination,
But a process of constant elevation.

So, let your passion be your guide,
And your efforts never subside.
Take cover in your grit and grind,
And success will be yours to find.

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