Jerry Haagsma, Jerrypop

Tech Layoffs Spark Gourmet Popcorn Phenomenon: The Jerry Haagsma Story


In the context of the tech industry layoffs, Jerry Haagsma joins tech workers who are pursuing interests beyond coding in response to the layoffs.

Key Highlights:

Tech Layoffs Continue Unabated: Over 150,000 Tech Workers Affected in 2023

  • Despite initial reports of tech industry layoffs in the previous year, the trend shows no signs of slowing down.
  • More than 150,000 tech workers received pink slips in 2023, surpassing the total layoffs of 2022.

Tech Professionals Seek Fulfillment Outside the Industry

  • Jerry Haagsma, a software engineer in a leading tech company, decided to follow his passion and make a career shift.
  • Haagsma transitioned from coding to corn-popping, starting his own gourmet popcorn business, Jerrypop.
  • He highlights the joy of pursuing his passion and finding fulfilment outside the tech industry.

Pandemic Spurs Career Reevaluation and Reinvention

  • The pandemic-driven remote work era prompted individuals to reassess their priorities and seek more fulfilling careers.
  • George Anders, Senior Editor-At-Large of Workforce Insights, notes a growing desire for hands-on, tangible work experiences.
  • Many professionals are leveraging the opportunity to reinvent themselves and pursue fields like food and hospitality.

Reporter’s Note:

The tech industry continues to witness a wave of layoffs, with more than 150,000 tech workers losing their jobs in 2023 alone. This figure surpasses the total layoffs experienced throughout the entire year of 2022. Amidst this trend, individuals are reevaluating their career paths, seeking fulfilment beyond the confines of the tech world.

Jerry Haagsma, once a successful software engineer at a prominent tech company, embarked on a bold journey to pursue his lifelong passion: popcorn. Haagsma’s transition from coding to corn-popping has led him to create his own gourmet popcorn brand, Jerrypop, featuring unique flavours like “Chipotle Cheddar,” “Habanero Ranch,” and “Goat Cheese Chive.” With this career shift, Jerry Haagsma found a sense of joy and purpose, bidding farewell to the dreaded “Sunday Night Blues” and eagerly anticipating Mondays.

The pandemic played a significant role in prompting individuals to reassess their priorities and reimagine their professional paths. George Anders, Senior Editor-At-Large of Workforce Insights, explains that the prolonged remote work era allowed people to reset, reconnect, and reflect on their true desires in life. While many individuals may choose to remain in the tech industry, an increasing number are seizing the opportunity to reinvent themselves and pursue fields that offer hands-on experiences and a tangible impact.

Haagsma initially planned to return to the tech sector eventually. However, after savouring the taste of independence and the satisfaction of pursuing his passion, he now hopes to continue his popcorn venture without looking back. With unwavering determination, Haagsma emphasizes his desire to give his all to the world of popcorn, avoiding any regrets of not pursuing this newfound path.

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