Threads App Surpasses 10 Million Sign-Ups Within Hours

Threads App Surpasses 10 Million Sign-Ups Within Hours, Challenging Twitter’s Dominance


Massive User Sign-Ups

More than 10 million people have eagerly signed up for Threads, Meta’s rival to Twitter, within just a few hours of its global launch on Apple and Android app stores. The impressive response indicates the potential for Threads to become a major contender in the social media landscape.

A Challenge to Twitter

Threads poses a significant challenge to Twitter’s long-standing position as one of the world’s largest social media platforms. With notable celebrities, media outlets, and high-profile personalities already active on the platform, Threads aims to attract a broad user base and establish itself as the go-to platform for public conversations.

Privacy Concerns and European Delay

Despite its initial success, Threads has faced a delay in its release in Europe due to data privacy concerns. Meta, the parent company, is cautious about compliance with European regulations, particularly the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which restricts data transfer between platforms. This delay could affect the platform’s growth and expansion in the European market.

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