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15 Touching Birthday Messages to Share with Your Best Friend


As we get older, birthdays become a chance for reflection on the year gone by and celebrating what lies ahead. Your best friend deserves an especially joyful celebration that should include love, laughter, and lasting memories – one way of making their birthday unforgettable is sending heartfelt birthday messages that express your affection. Here I offer 25 touching birthday message ideas as well as tips on writing custom messages yourself as well as creative delivery methods!

Why sharing thoughtful birthday greetings to best friends is of such great significance

Best friends are people we trust the most in life and their birthdays provide the ideal chance to demonstrate it. Writing them a heartfelt birthday message shows our affection and appreciate for everything they’ve done over time while reminding them how special and essential their friendship has been in your life.

Sending birthday messages lets your friend know you are thinking of them on their special day and are aware they need support and appreciation on this momentous day. A touching note could make all the difference and bring smiles of delight and appreciation from them – not to mention strengthen bonds further and create memories to last a lifetime!

How to write an emotional birthday message for a close friend

For writing an emotional birthday message for a best friend, there are a few key considerations you need to keep in mind. First of all, take some time to consider their personality and what makes them special to you; their most admirable traits should serve as inspiration when crafting this special greeting card message.

After considering your target’s personality and tone of voice, consider which style of message would work best: sentimental or humorous? Striking an appropriate balance with their unique characteristics is key; for example a humorous message might work better if they have an enjoyable sense of humor than something heartfelt would do.

Stay concise in your message to the recipient on his or her birthday; any unnecessary words should be avoided; make your message meaningful instead by including something such as this touching birthday message example:

“To my dearest friend! Thank you for always being there when needed; your friendship means so much to me! Here’s to another year filled with unforgettable memories; love you from my heart!”

15 Warm Birthday Wishes to Share with your Best Friend

  1. Happy birthday to the kindest, most genuine person I know; I feel truly fortunate that we share life. I feel truly honored that we share it together!
  2. Happy birthday to my partner-in-crime! It would be impossible for me to go through life without your companionship and support. Cheers to another year of making memories together! Happy Birthday my beloved companion.
  3. Happy birthday to my soul sister/brother! Thank you for always understanding me better than anyone and for always being there as my support system. To me, you are more than a friend; we share an unbreakable bond – may our friendship grow ever deeper in 2019 and beyond! Happy Birthday and may there be many years ahead for both of us.
  4. “Happiest Birthday to my laughter-maker who brings so much laughter into my life!”
  5. Happy birthday, adventure buddy! I know I can count on you for new and thrilling experiences together!
  6. Thank you for always being there as my rock, confidant, and best friend. And congratulations on celebrating your special day – my birthday wishes go out to someone who knows everything I keep secret but still adores me no matter what! Happy birthday my amazing friend. You truly make life worth living.
  7. Have an awesome birthday to my amazing friend who brings sunshine into my life every single day – Happy birthday my beloved friend.
  8. Happiest Birthday to my faithful partner-in-mischief! No matter what comes our way, you are always there with my back no matter the situation or circumstance. Wishing you an enchanting celebration to match who you truly are as my dear friend. I count myself lucky that we share such an extraordinary friendship.
  9. Congratulations and happy birthday to someone who always has just the right words to share! Your friendship brings so much light into my life – I look forward to another year filled with happiness and friendship from now until forever. Happy Birthday.
  10. Happy birthday to my best friend and life partner, the one person that completes me like no one else can! Thanks for being there when things got rough – always loving me unconditionally, no matter the circumstance – an unwavering companion who remains loyal as ever – true friendship!
  11. Your words motivate me every day to become a better person – congratulations on an unforgettable birthday and thank you for always being such an amazing friend!
  12. My beloved best friend in all the universe: Happy birthday to my favorite person ever – your presence adds light and happiness into each and every day that passes.
  13. Thank you for always managing to put a smile on my face – you truly make my days brighter. Thanks also for always being my companion on adventures, friend in friendships and party buddy! Happy birthday & here’s hoping many years full of fun & laughter ahead!
  14. Happy birthday and thank you for always being there when I needed someone to laugh with! Happy Birthday & Thank You For Always Being By My Side
    Welcome, friend who knows me best: Happy birthday to my favorite person on earth, my true and loyal friend whose friendship I cherish so deeply! Happy birthday. You bring so much happiness into my life; thank you for always being by my side.
    Find creative ways to convey your birthday greetings this year
  15. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world! You bring so much joy and happiness into my life and I am grateful for your friendship.

Creative ways to deliver your happy birthday wishes

Sending a thoughtful birthday wish message is one way of showing how much you care on their birthday. Here are a few creative approaches:

  • Plan a Surprise Party: Gather together their closest friends and family members for an unexpected birthday bash, complete with balloons and streamers as decor. And don’t forget the cake!
  • Create a photo album: Compile photos that remind you both of special times together such as childhood photos, vacation images and any special milestones in between.
    Write an emotional letter of thanks: Sending out an emotional letter will show just how much your friendship means to both of you – they’ll treasure this gift forever.
  • Plan a Day Trip: Bring along a friend for an adventure of exploration to any nearby city or attraction and spend the day making memories together. Create a Video Montage: Compile all your most cherished moments together onto video in one cohesive project; including pictures, videos and music that speaks of friendship – then publish this in memory book format as your keepsake video montage for later!
    Dos and Don’ts of Sending Birthday Greetings

When sending birthday messages, there are certain do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind

Do: Stay sincere and heartfelt when conveying a message for someone special in your life; focus your message around their personality to customize its delivery appropriately

Don’ts: Rely on cliches or generic phrases when writing messages and make the focus all about themselves without providing meaningful context, using inappropriate language or humor and forgetting social media! For birthday best friend messages on social media CLICK HERE and here

Happy Birthday best friend messages for social media

Social media provides a great opportunity to send birthday wishes directly to your best friends on their birthdays, here are a few happy birthday best friend messages

  1. Happy birthday to my best friend! Thank you for always knowing how to make me laugh; you truly brighten my days just being around you. Happy Birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday and here’s to many more years of laughter and fun together. To the person who has seen me at my best and worst and still loved unconditionally: Happy Birthday – you truly are my true ally.

Make this birthday extra-special by giving these ideas.

  • Create a Scavenger Hunt: Design an exciting scavenger hunt to lead your friend around various spots that hold special significance for both of you, like locations that hold special memories for both of you or even planning a weekend trip that has always been on their bucket list!
  • Or plan an Amazign Adventure for them: Plan an adventurous vacation getaway together that your friend has always longed to visit and make this momentous occasion one to remember forever.
  • Hosting A Themed Party Or Charity Event:Hosting A Themed Party Or Hosting A Charity Event are two great ways you can honor and give back. A themed party could feature 80s dance music or Harry Potter themes; or hosting an event is another wonderful way of showing you care and making an impactful contribution in their honor to their local community.
  • Create a Memory Book: Make sure that all of the special memories between you two are captured in an album with pictures, stories and mementos that celebrate their friendship. And save room for birthday surprises for your bestie too.

Are You Wanting to Surprise a Best Friend on Their Birthday? Consider One of These Ideas.

  • Hire a Chef: Have an award-winning chef come directly to their house and prepare an impressive gourmet feast, perfect for sharing among their closest friends. Rent a Limo: Give them the experience of touring around their city while stopping at famous landmarks along the way and taking lots of photographs along the way!
  • Hire a Personal Shopper: Take your friend out shopping! Find them something new.
  • Plan a Spa Day: Plan an extravagance spa day just for them so they can truly relax.
  • Make Your Gift Personal: Assemble a personalized birthday basket brimming with their favorite books, snacks and beauty products for maximum impact on their special day. And for even more thoughtful birthday greetings

Final thoughts on sending touching birthday messages

Sending your best friend an endearing birthday message can have a dramatic impact, showing both love and appreciation for all they’ve done over time. Make your message heartfelt yet sincere; consider their personality when selecting tone of message – with these tips in hand, ensure their birthday becomes one they won’t soon forget! With 25 thoughtful birthday messages at your disposal, ensure it will truly mark this special milestone event in their lives.

Final Words on Touching Birthday Messages to Share with Your Best Friend

Birthdays are an occasion for us to commemorate those we cherish; your best friend’s birthday should be no different! With plenty of ways you can show how much they mean to you–such as sending heartfelt birthday messages and planning surprise parties- there’s sure to make their big day truly unforgettable. With these tips and 25 thoughtful birthday quotes on hand, make this year extra memorable by showing how much your friendship means to both of you.

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