Tourist Guide Finally Receives Passport

Tourist Guide Finally Receives Passport After Accusing Immigration Officer of Extortion


Long-awaited Resolution

After enduring a two-year ordeal, Adesanya Oresanya, a tourist guide, has finally obtained his passport from the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). This positive development comes in the wake of Oresanya’s accusation against NIS officer Bako Doma, whom he claimed extorted N200,000 from him for the passport renewal.

Pressing the Issue

PUNCH Metro, renowned for its commitment to investigative reporting, initially shed light on Oresanya’s predicament in renewing his passport back in 2021. Following the publication, the NIS spokesperson, Tony Akuneme, reached out to Oresanya, acknowledging the matter and pledging to address the delays surrounding his passport issuance.

Collaborative Efforts

Grateful for the support he received, Oresanya expressed his appreciation to both PUNCH Newspapers and the NIS for their involvement in resolving the matter. After a subsequent trip to recapture his biometrics in Abuja on March 6, Oresanya received a notice on April 14 confirming that his passport had been produced. Finally, on April 24, he happily received his long-awaited passport in Abeokuta, marking the end of a challenging journey.

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