Traditional Religious Worshippers Association

Traditional Religious Worshippers Association Assures Governor Adeleke of Support for Peaceful Reign


In a heartfelt message, the Traditional Religious Worshippers Association in Osun State expressed their commitment to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous tenure for Governor Ademola Adeleke. The association’s president, Oluseyi Atanda, conveyed their support and assurance of performing necessary rites to enhance the governor’s leadership.

The congratulatory message, obtained in Osogbo on Wednesday, lauded the Supreme Court’s decision that upheld Adeleke’s election victory from the July 16, 2022 governorship poll. The association firmly believes that divine intervention played a role in Adeleke’s ascendancy to the governorship position.

As advocates of inclusivity and religious tolerance, the traditionalists emphasized the importance of fostering a harmonious coexistence among individuals from various faith backgrounds residing in the state. They urged Governor Adeleke to prioritize this objective and work towards enhancing unity and understanding.

Furthermore, the Traditional Religious Worshippers Association implored the governor to support their efforts in safeguarding the state by acknowledging and assisting their spiritual interventions. Recognizing their role in maintaining the safety and well-being of the state, they highlighted the necessity of upholding the welfare of their members.

In a wise counsel to the governor, the association advised Adeleke to critically evaluate the policies implemented by his predecessors. They encouraged him to discontinue any policies that prove ineffective or detrimental to the state’s progress, while also urging him to continue supporting and building upon successful policies initiated by previous administrations. By doing so, they believe Osun State can continue to rise in prominence among other states in the nation.

The Traditional Religious Worshippers Association’s statement concluded with a resolute commitment to Governor Adeleke’s leadership. They reassured him of their non-partisan support and vowed to work diligently in appeasing their ancestors to ensure his peaceful reign as the state’s leader.

In summary, the association’s message encapsulates their unwavering support for Governor Adeleke, acknowledging the Supreme Court’s affirmation of his election victory. Their call for harmony, welfare, and policy evaluation exemplifies their dedication to the betterment of Osun State.

 Key Highlights:

  • Traditional Religious Worshippers Association in Osun State pledges support to Governor Adeleke for a peaceful reign.
  • The religious group congratulates Adeleke on his victory at the Supreme Court, affirming his election.
  • Urges the governor to promote harmonious relationships among people of diverse faiths and prioritize the welfare of the group.
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