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Trinity House Church Pastor Ituah Ighodalo Shares Thoughts on Remarriage and Mother Figures in his Children’s Lives


Pastor Ighodalo’s Thoughts on Remarrying

During an interview with Arise TV, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, the lead pastor of Trinity House Church in Lagos, revealed that while he is not opposed to the idea of remarrying in the future, he is content with his current life. He stated that his happiness is not dependent on a marital relationship and that he is focused on taking care of his children. Interestingly, he shared that one of his daughters has even warned him against remarrying.

Supportive Mother Figures in the Children’s Lives

Addressing concerns about the absence of a mother figure, Pastor Ighodalo mentioned that his children have been fortunate to have multiple women playing significant roles in their lives. These include their maternal grandmother, his brother’s wife, his sister, and Dami, who used to be his late wife’s personal assistant and has continued in that role. He emphasized that these women provide nurturing support and guidance to his children.

Coping with Widowhood and Managing Female Attention

Reflecting on his experience as a widower, Pastor Ighodalo shared that he has been coping well due to his prior experience as a bachelor and his clear mindset. He mentioned that he maintains boundaries by always being accompanied by his personal assistant, special assistant, or chief of staff when interacting with women. Alternatively, meetings are conducted at his home, where there are maids present, ensuring a comfortable and appropriate environment.

The interview shed light on Pastor Ighodalo’s perspective on remarriage, the presence of mother figures in his children’s lives, and his strategies for managing widowhood and maintaining appropriate boundaries with female attention. Despite the loss of his wife, Ibidun, in 2020, Pastor Ighodalo continues to navigate life with resilience and care for his family.

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