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UK Okays Amazon’s $1.7 Billion Acquisition of Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, iRobot


The proposed $1 billion purchase of iRobot by Amazon has been approved by the U.K. antitrust regulator, which came to the conclusion that the transaction “would not lead to competition concerns in the U.K.”

iRobot Chief Executive Colin Angle confirmed this in a statement on Friday. 

The $1.7 billion robot hoover company iRobot acquisition by Amazon was first announced in August of last year, but authorities were always going to be wary of the huge transaction. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States is also considering opening an official inquiry into the deal. 

The European Commission (EC) will decide by July 6 whether to approve the deal (with or without remedies) or begin a thorough investigation.

“We’re pleased with the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s decision and are committed to supporting regulatory bodies in their work,” a spokesperson for Amazon said.

“We look forward to similar decisions from other regulators soon.”

“It marks a significant milestone, and both companies are continuing to work cooperatively with other relevant regulators in their review of the merger,” Angle said in a statement.

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