United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (unhcr)

UN Refugee Chief Calls for Peacemaking to Curb Growing Refugee Flows


In a recent statement, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, underscored the critical importance of restoring global peacemaking efforts to effectively address the escalating number of refugees.

With over 110 million displaced individuals worldwide, a significant rise from last year’s figures, urgent action is required to curb this growing humanitarian crisis. Grandi’s call for renewed peace initiatives aims to alleviate the suffering of millions and restore stability to conflict-stricken regions.

The UNHCR’s Grandi highlighted the pressing need to revive the world’s ability to foster peace in various trouble spots, emphasizing that peacemaking is the only sustainable solution to stem the flow of refugees. Notably, Grandi expressed concern over the U.N. Security Council’s deadlock, stating that the main international body for peace and security is currently unable to reach agreements on critical matters.

To address these challenges, a coalition of diplomats, former statesmen, and U.N. officials has been actively seeking political support for a comprehensive peacemaking framework. This framework aims to establish new standards for conflict resolution and provide a roadmap for sustainable peace agreements.

Grandi drew attention to the conflict in Sudan, one of the major contributors to the increasing refugee numbers. With rival military factions engaged in battle, Sudan has seen an alarming influx of refugees, crossing the tragic milestone of 500,000 refugees on World Refugee Day. To address this crisis, donors pledged $1.5 billion at a conference dedicated to assisting Sudanese refugees. A portion of these funds will be allocated to aid 100,000 Sudanese refugees in neighboring Chad, where their camps face threats from the approaching rainy season.

However, Grandi cautioned that these efforts must be intensified to avoid an impending humanitarian catastrophe. He emphasized the necessity of a sustainable solution, such as a meaningful ceasefire, as a fundamental step toward resolving conflicts and preventing further displacement. He warned that without an end to the fighting, significantly more resources beyond the pledged $1.5 billion would be required

Conflicts in Ukraine, the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, and the Sahel region contribute to the escalating refugee crisis. Grandi also highlighted the impact of climate change, which further displaces communities, and called for a multilateral approach to tackle the climate crisis effectively.

As the number of displaced people reaches unprecedented levels, UNHCR Chief Filippo Grandi has urged the international community to prioritize peacemaking efforts as a means to curb the growing flow of refugees. The call to restore the capacity for leading and driving peace initiatives holds the key to addressing the complex challenges faced by displaced populations worldwide. With renewed commitment and coordinated action, the world can work towards providing stability, safety, and hope for millions who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict and crises.

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