UN World Food Programme Appeals

UN World Food Programme Appeals for Unhindered Humanitarian Support Amid Niger’s Political Unrest


In the face of a political impasse gripping Niger, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has sounded a clarion call for unobstructed movement of aid personnel and supplies. The WFP also emphasizes the dire need for sustained financial backing to continue vital food distribution and development initiatives. As the nation grapples with uncertainty, the UN agency underscores the significance of maintaining both short and long-term responses to address the escalating hunger crisis.

Urgent Call for Unfettered Support

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) stresses the imperative for the unrestricted mobility of humanitarian personnel and resources, even as Niger faces political unrest. This call aims to ensure that critical emergency assistance reaches those in need promptly and effectively. Against the backdrop of heightened uncertainty, the WFP underscores the significance of its operations in providing vital support to the most vulnerable populations.

Resilience Amid Crisis

The Acting Regional Director for Western Africa, Margot van der Velden, highlights the dual focus of the WFP’s efforts: immediate aid provision and long-term resilience-building support. The organization’s mission involves assisting communities in achieving self-sufficiency, reducing humanitarian needs, and fostering social cohesion. Van der Velden emphasizes the importance of continuity, irrespective of political circumstances, and the necessity of safeguarding livelihoods through consistent support.

Safeguarding Lives Amidst Challenges

With Niger’s ongoing political turmoil and subsequent sanctions and border closures, the WFP faces a challenging operational landscape. The organization expresses deep concern over the potential for rising food prices to exacerbate the plight of already vulnerable populations. Van der Velden underscores the interconnected nature of crises in the Sahel, emphasizing that these emergencies transcend borders and impact neighboring countries facing humanitarian challenges.

In the midst of the evolving political situation, the UN World Food Programme remains steadfast in its commitment to alleviating suffering. The organization urgently seeks $71 million to sustain its operations in Niger until January, a figure that could grow if the crisis deepens. As existing resources strain and operations face obstacles, the WFP calls for humanitarian exemptions to facilitate immediate access to those in dire need. The organization’s work, rooted in fundamental humanitarian values, stands as a beacon of hope amid adversity.

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