Unrest Grows as Nigerian Workers and Citizens

Unrest Grows as Nigerian Workers and Citizens Protest Fuel Subsidy Removal


Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and University Workers ready to fight against fuel subsidy removal

The NLC and university workers expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s decision to remove the fuel subsidy, which led to increased fuel prices and economic hardships for citizens. They announced their readiness to fight back and demand that the government address the suffering of the masses.

Citizens take to the streets in Edo State to protest fuel subsidy withdrawal

In Benin City, Edo State, citizens joined civil rights groups to protest the fuel subsidy removal and its adverse effects on fuel prices and the cost of living. Protesters criticized the government’s handling of the subsidy removal and called for palliatives to cushion the impact on the poor.

Trade Union Congress expresses concern over state governments’ palliatives

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) questioned state governments’ plans to roll out palliatives to citizens, fearing that it might not be adequately managed. The TUC urged the government to provide specific and transparent measures to support citizens during these challenging times, including addressing the proposed increase in electricity tariff and the imposition of VAT on diesel.

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