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YouTube Debuts 30-Second Unskippable Ads For TVs


YouTube, an American online video sharing and social media platform, recently implemented 30 second unskippable ads onto television screens.

Tech giant Google unveiled their latest advertising offering during their YouTube Brandcast upfront event held annually in New York.

YouTube announced it is replacing two, 15-second commercials currently shown when advertisers target top videos through its Select program with 30-second nonskippable advertising on linked TVs.

Modifications to the advertising experience were instituted as a result of a Nielsen survey showing Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video Peacock and Hulu all experienced declines or static viewing times versus YouTube (excluding YouTube TV).

According to this survey, YouTube viewing rose 1.5% or 0.3 share points between March 27 and April 30, 2023.

YouTube Select has now reached over 70% of impressions on TV screens, according to internal data released by the company.

According to their statement, this feature will become available alongside “Pause” commercials on connected TV sets, giving marketers an opportunity to highlight their logo when a video is paused.

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