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YouTube Partners AI-powered Dubbing Service Provider, Aloud, Set to Integrate Dubbing Tool


Video streaming company, YouTube, disclosed its plans of testing a new tool that will assist producers in leveraging AI to automatically dub their films into different languages. 

The Company disclosed this development at VidCon while announcing partnership with Aloud, a dubbing service driven by AI and a member of Google’s internal incubator Area 120.

The Google-owned company added functionality for multi-language audio tracks earlier this year, enabling producers to add dubbing to both new and old videos, expanding their reach to a wider global audience. 

Creators have dubbed more than 10,000 videos in more than 70 languages as of June 2023. 

YouTube’s VP of Creator Products, Amjad Hanif said that the company is already testing the tool with hundreds of creators.

In 2022, Google first released Aloud. 

The AI-powered dubbing tool translates and creates a dubbed version after transcribing a video for the creator. 

Before Aloud creates the dub, creators have the opportunity to evaluate and change the transcription.

YouTube is “working to make translated audio tracks sound like the creator’s voice, with more expression and lip sync,” Hanif said.

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