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Zeal Launches in Egypt to Help Merchants Connect With Customers


Zeal, an Egyptian company, was created to support businesses in connecting with customers and offering incentive services.

Zeal, a 2020 startup, creates middleware that integrates on POS terminals all across the world using Linux or Android to analyse, reward, and let retailers get in touch with their paying consumers.

Zeal, a consumer-facing app, is used by customers on the platform to track their payments and loyalty points.

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According to creator and CEO Omar Ebeid, “Zeal fills the market gap where merchants lose a chance to identify and retain their customers every time a card transaction is made on a POS terminal.”

In 2020, the business debuted the Zeal App as a loyalty and payment app for QR codes.

More than 250,000 transactions totaling roughly $2,5 million USD have been handled.

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The startup provided merchants with a sophisticated data analytics dashboard and paid them 2.5 percent each transaction.

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