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Check JAMB Result on Phone – 3 Sure Methods


JAMB is responsible for the conduct of entrance exams into tertiary education institutions in Nigeria. Candidates are required to verify their JAMB results after writing the exam to determine their scores, and their eligibility for admission to their preferred institution.

It is easy and convenient to check JAMB results on a mobile device. This article will show you three different ways to check JAMB results on your mobile.

You can check your JAMB results using SMS.

First, you can check your JAMB results using a mobile device via SMS. This method is simple, quick and available to all.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your messaging app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Write a new message.

Step 3: Type “RESULT” in capital letters, followed by your registration number. As an example, RESULT is 12345678.

Step 4: Send a message to the Jamb shortcode (55019).

Step 5: Await a response from JAMB. Your JAMB score will be included in the response, along with your admission status.

You may be charged by your mobile provider a small amount for this service. Ensure that your mobile phone has enough credit to use this service.

2. Use the JAMB result checking website to check your JAMB results

You can also check your JAMB results on a mobile device by using the JAMB website. This method requires a mobile web browser and an internet connection. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your web browser on the mobile device.

Step 2: Enter ‘’into the address bar.

Step 3: Click the “Check UTME results” button.

Step 4: Enter either your JAMB registration or email address into the box provided.

Step 5: Click the “Check My Results” button.

Step 6: You will need to wait for your JAMB scores to appear on the website.

Be sure that you have an active internet connection on your mobile before using the JAMB results checker website. To avoid mistakes, you should also ensure that the information entered in the provided space is correct.

3. You can check your JAMB results on your mobile phone by using JAMB Efficient.

You may not be able to access the above option at all times. You can still use the efacility in such cases. This option is available when you login to your registration portal for JAMB.

Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to use JAMB eFacilities.

JAMB results FAQ

Can my JAMB results be checked online?

You can check your JAMB(Joint Admissions and Matriculation Boards) result by visiting the official JAMB Result Checking Portal and entering your registration number.

How can I log into my JAMB Portal using my registration number?

Go to the JAMB Website, click on e-Facility Login, and enter your registration numbers and passwords in the fields provided.

Does 270 count as a good JAMB result?

A score of 270 is good. This is a score above average and will qualify you for many Nigerian universities, especially those with competitive courses.

What is the process for uploading my JAMB Portal result?

Visit an accredited JAMB CBT Centre or the admission office of your school to upload your O’level result.

Can I check my JAMB Portal on my Phone?

To check your JAMB Portal on your Phone, you can navigate to the JAMB website via a web-browser and then login to your eFacility Account to access your portal.

Is my JAMB portal results uploaded?

Logging into your JAMB e-Facility Portal and checking if the O’level result appears in your profile will tell you if it is.

What browser can I access to my JAMB cap?

Any modern web browser such as Google Chrome (or Mozilla Firefox), Safari, Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Edge can be used to access your JAMB Caps. For the best experience, ensure that your browser has been updated to the most recent version.

Final Words

It is easy and convenient to check JAMB results on a mobile device. You can check your JAMB result and admission status quickly by sending a message to the shortcode 55019. The JAMB result checking portal and e-facility log in provide a more interactive and detailed way to check your JAMB scores.

Before using these methods, candidates should ensure they have sufficient data or airtime to access the internet and check their JAMB result.

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