How To Post Anonymously On Facebook

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook


Facebook users can share photos, videos and thoughts. You may sometimes want to post something anonymously without revealing your identity. You can easily follow this article to post anonymously on Facebook. You’ll get some tips and advice to keep your identity hidden.

Why posting anonymously is a good idea

For several reasons, you can use Facebook anonymously. For example, you can post anonymously on Facebook.

  • You can share sensitive or controversial information without fear of retaliation.
  • Take part in online discussions without disclosing who you are.
  • Sharing your feelings and thoughts anonymously on Facebook can be a wonderful way to do so in a secure environment.

Posting anonymously on Facebook using a false name

You can anonymously use a fake name on Facebook. Post anonymously to Facebook

  • Sign in to Facebook.
  • Click the downward-pointing arrow in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Settings” to proceed. 
  • Click on “Personal Information” in the sidebar.

“Name” appears. 

  • Enter a fictional name in the “First Name” field and “LastName”.

Click on “Review Changes”. 

  • Click “Save changes” after entering your password. 
  • Now you can post to Facebook under a fake name.

Facebook’s terms of service require users to use their real names. If you give a false identity, your account could be cancelled or suspended.

Create an Anonymous Facebook Posting Account

Create a Facebook account using a fictitious email address and fake name. How to:

  • Log out of Facebook.
  • On the Facebook home page, click “Create new account”. 
  • Enter a fake email and an alias.
  • Create a strong password.

Click “Sign Up” to sign up. 

  • Follow the screen instructions to complete your account setup.
  • Your new account allows you to post anonymously on Facebook.

Facebook only allows users to use their real names. If you enter a false identity, your account could be cancelled or suspended.

Use a VPN for Anonymous Posting on Facebook

A VPN masks your IP address and location, which allows you to post anonymously on Facebook. How to:

  • Choose a VPN service provider you can trust.
  • Install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect the VPN at a different location.

Sign in to Facebook.

  • When you anonymously post on Facebook, your IP address and location are hidden.

Best practices for Anonymous posting on Facebook

Tips and best practices for anonymous posting on Facebook.

  • VPNs are a great way to protect your identity if you’re using a fake name or account.
  • Even if you are anonymous, it’s important to be aware of the content shared. It isn’t recommended to post anything that could be considered illegal, harmful or defamatory.
  • Never reveal any personal information. Do not reveal any personal information that could be used to locate or identify you. Do not divulge your address, phone number or workplace.
  • The cyberbullying of harassment is not tolerated. Cyberbullying and harassment are not acceptable. It is essential to respect and consider others.
  • Facebook Terms of Service: Facebook only allows users to use their real names. If you are caught using a fake name, your account could be cancelled or suspended.

Final Words on How to Post Anonymously on Facebook

Facebook anonymous posting is an excellent way to express yourself. Hide your identity using a fake name, VPNs or an entirely new account. Don’t post personal details and be sure to read Facebook’s terms of service. These tips allow you to post anonymously on Facebook, without risking your security.

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