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CNN Launches CNN Fast, a Dynamic FAST Channel for Short-Form Content


CNN has unveiled CNN Fast, an innovative FAST channel offering a distinctive way for audiences to consume a variety of quick-paced, globally focused content. The channel, available on Rakuten TV in multiple European countries and subsequently on LG Channels and Samsung TV Plus, presents a collection of curated short-form videos covering international stories spanning major news events, business, entertainment, sport, and the environment. CNN Fast complements the existing digital, linear, audio, and social media platforms through which CNN content can be accessed.

Designed to appeal to younger viewers who prefer shorter content formats, CNN Fast employs a dynamic schedule of informative and entertaining videos. With concise three-to-six-minute clips, the channel delivers succinct updates while keeping viewers engaged. Beyond reaching new audiences, CNN Fast provides enhanced advertising opportunities through new formats and targeted capabilities.

The launch of CNN Fast expands on CNN’s venture into the Connected TV (CTV) domain alongside Rakuten TV, LG Channels, and Samsung TV Plus, diversifying the avenues through which individuals can access CNN’s content.

Humphrey Black, head of distribution strategy at CNN International Commercial, commented on the channel’s debut, stating, “CNN Fast offers a fresh and unique user experience compared to the main CNN broadcast channel. By collaborating with established CTV platform partners, with whom we have already achieved considerable success, we can now connect with more viewers and households through the devices and formats they already enjoy. This exciting approach provides audiences with a novel way to experience CNN’s renowned journalism and storytelling.”

The content for CNN Fast is managed by CNN journalists and curated for the channel utilizing the cloud-based streaming solution provider Amagi’s technology. Meara Erdozain, senior VP of programming at CNN International, oversees the editorial output, emphasizing that CNN Fast presents a remarkable opportunity to showcase the highlights of CNN’s best content to a broader audience, offering diverse genres of stories in a fast-paced, short-form style that appeals to a wider and younger demographic.

CNN Fast is currently accessible in several European countries, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. In the coming year, the channel will expand to more countries and platforms, building on the existing FAST offerings available in the US through Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV.

Key Highlights:

  • CNN introduces CNN Fast, a curated FAST channel providing swift and diverse international content to audiences.
  • The channel features short-form videos covering major news events, business, entertainment, sport, and the environment.
  • CNN Fast targets younger audiences with its easily digestible three-to-six-minute clips, offering a fresh user experience and advertising opportunities.
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