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10 Background Noise Removal App For Android


10 Background Noise Removal App For Android

In today’s fast-paced world, where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, we often find ourselves using them for various purposes, including making important calls, recording videos, or conducting interviews.

However, one common challenge that hinders the quality of our audio recordings is background noise.

Thankfully, technology has provided us with solutions in the form of background noise removal apps for Android.

In this article, we will explore ten powerful Android apps that can effectively remove background noise, ensuring clear and professional audio recordings.

Top 10 Background Noise Removal Apps for Android:

1. Krisp

– Providing a detailed overview, key features, and user-friendly interface

2. Denoise – AI Noise Removal

– Highlighting its advanced noise cancellation algorithms and compatibility with different audio formats

3. ClearRecord – Noise-free Audio

– Discussing its real-time noise suppression capabilities and customization options.

4. WavePad Audio Editor Free

– Exploring its intuitive interface and ability to enhance audio clarity

5. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music

– Showcasing its AI-powered noise reduction technology and seamless integration with other apps.

6. Real Microphone

– Describing its user-friendly interface and ability to remove noise from both recordings and live calls

7. Lexis Audio Editor

– Discussing its extensive audio editing features and adjustable noise reduction settings

8. Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder

– Exploring its automatic noise removal capabilities and convenient audio recording options

9. Audio Recorder and Editor

– Highlighting its easy-to-use interface and efficient noise reduction functionality

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10. WaveEditor for Android™ Audio Recorder & Editor

– Showcasing its comprehensive audio editing tools and effective noise removal capabilities


With the ever-increasing demand for high-quality audio recordings, the availability of background noise removal apps for Android has become crucial.

Whether you are an aspiring podcaster, a journalist conducting interviews, or simply someone who wants to improve the audio quality of their recordings, these ten powerful Android apps mentioned above can make a significant difference.

By utilizing their advanced noise cancellation algorithms, real-time noise suppression capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces, you can ensure clear and professional audio recordings, free from distracting background noise.

So, bid farewell to unwanted noise and embrace the convenience and efficiency of these top-notch background noise removal apps for Android.

Which app is best for removing background noise?

Among the mentioned apps, Krisp is widely regarded as one of the best for removing background noise.

Krisp utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to effectively eliminate background noise during calls and recordings. It works not only for removing noise from your voice but also from the voices of others on the call, providing a seamless and clear audio experience.

Krisp offers real-time noise suppression and works with various communication platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with different devices make it a popular choice among professionals, remote workers, and anyone seeking to enhance the clarity of their audio recordings.

However, it’s important to note that the “best” app for removing background noise may vary depending on individual preferences, specific requirements, and the nature of the audio recordings.

Therefore, it’s recommended to explore different apps and consider factors like features, user reviews, and compatibility before determining which app suits your needs best.

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Is there any noise Cancelling app?

Yes, there are noise-canceling apps available for Android devices.

These apps utilize advanced algorithms and technology to reduce or eliminate background noise from audio recordings or during phone calls.

While they may not provide the same level of noise cancellation as dedicated hardware-based solutions like noise-canceling headphones, they can still significantly improve the audio quality by reducing unwanted noise.

Some popular noise-canceling apps for Android include:

1. Krisp: Krisp is known for its noise cancellation capabilities during phone calls and online meetings. It uses AI technology to remove background noise from both your voice and the voices of others on the call.

2. DenoiseAI Noise Removal: This app uses AI algorithms to remove noise from recordings, providing cleaner and clearer audio. It supports various audio formats and offers real-time noise reduction.

3. ClearRecord – Noise-free Audio: ClearRecord focuses on eliminating background noise from audio recordings. It offers real-time noise suppression and allows for customization of noise reduction settings.

4. Dolby On: Record Audio & Music: While primarily known for its audio enhancement features, Dolby On also includes noise reduction functionality. It reduces unwanted noise during audio recordings and enhances the overall audio quality.

5. Lexis Audio Editor: Lexis Audio Editor is an app that offers comprehensive audio editing features, including noise reduction. It allows users to edit and clean up audio recordings by reducing background noise.

It’s worth mentioning that the effectiveness of noise-canceling apps can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the device’s microphone and the ambient noise conditions.

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