Abuja-Based Engineer Found Deadna

Abuja-Based Engineer Found Dead in His Apartment, Suspects at Large


Tragic Discovery

The lifeless body of Humphrey Nnaji, a construction engineer based in Abuja, was discovered in a state of decomposition in his apartment located in the Dawaki area of the Federal Capital Territory. It was revealed that Nnaji was present at home when unidentified individuals gained unauthorized access to the premises, carried out the fatal attack, and fled the scene.

Foul Odor Raises Alarm

Unbeknownst to his neighbors, the incident had taken place earlier, as they started noticing a repugnant smell emanating from Nnaji’s apartment on Saturday. Disturbed by the stench, they promptly alerted the police, leading to the subsequent investigation.

Gruesome Crime Scene

Upon entering the apartment, law enforcement officers discovered Nnaji’s remains positioned on a chair. The investigation uncovered a sledgehammer stained with blood, believed to be the murder weapon, lying beside the victim. Furthermore, a note left behind at the scene implicated an individual named Alfa, who claimed to have carried out the killing as an act of vengeance for his deceased sister. Nnaji’s head bore a deep cut at the back, and two pieces of handset charging cord cables were found entwined around his nec

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