APC Deputy, Publicity Secretary

APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary Resigns Following Governorship Loss in Kogi


Despite his resignation from the APC, Ajaka expressed admiration for the party’s leadership, particularly the National Chairman and the current National Working Committee. He commended their strategic approach, political prowess, and their contribution to the party’s victories in the recent general elections. Ajaka conveyed his confidence that the APC, under their guidance, will contribute to the progress and advancement of governance in Nigeria under the incoming administration.

As the Kogi politician explores new political horizons, his departure from the APC highlights the dynamic nature of politics and the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the Kogi governorship race.

Key Highlights:

  1. Murtala Ajaka Relinquishes APC Position: Murtala Ajaka, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has stepped down from his role within the party. Ajaka, who was an APC governorship hopeful in Kogi, failed to secure the party’s ticket for the upcoming election. He lost to Ahmed Ododo, the former local government Auditor-General in the state.
  2. Ajaka’s Preparations for the Governorship Poll: In light of the forthcoming November 11 governorship poll in Kogi, Ajaka wrote a letter to the APC’s National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, leaving no room for uncertainty. Dated May 17, the letter not only announces his resignation as the Deputy National Publicity Secretary but also his decision to step down from the National Working Committee.
  3. Unspecified Future Party Affiliation: While Ajaka did not disclose the party he intends to join after leaving the APC, there are reports suggesting that he is seeking to join the Social Democratic Party (SDP). It is speculated that he aims to be adopted as the party’s standard-bearer for the governorship election, indicating his determination to continue his political journey in a new political platform.
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