Benue Women Stage Roadblock

Benue Women Stage Roadblock Protest Against Herder Violence


Amid rising tensions and heart-wrenching tragedies, Benue State witnessed a somber display of grief and frustration as protesting women took to the Makurdi/Lafia/Abuja federal highway to demand justice following the gruesome killing of five individuals in separate attacks by suspected herdsmen. The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing conflict between herders and local communities, exposing the deep-seated grievances and concerns that continue to plague the region.

Deadly Attacks Shake Benue Communities: A Grim Toll

The crux of the issue revolves around the alarming loss of life due to the brutal attacks orchestrated by suspected herders. According to eyewitness accounts, three people fell victim to the violence in the community of Ngban, with another two lives tragically snuffed out in the village of Nyian. This sudden surge of bloodshed has pushed Benue women to the forefront of a poignant and impassioned protest against the unchecked violence that has affected their communities.

Demanding Accountability: A Roadblock of Grief and Outrage

The heartfelt anguish and growing rage over the loss of lives have compelled Benue women to take a stand and demand action. In a powerful display of collective grief and outrage, the protesting women staged a roadblock on the Makurdi/Abuja federal highway, disrupting traffic and calling for immediate attention from authorities. Their plea for justice resonated through emotional songs, a testament to the profound impact of these tragedies on the affected communities.

Seeking Solace and Answers from Leadership: A Call for Governor’s Intervention

Christopher Waku, the security officer of Guma Local Government, confirmed the gravity of the situation and the women’s resolve to stay put until their voices are heard. The women have conveyed their unwavering determination to remain on the road until the governor addresses them directly. Their call for Governor’s intervention underscores the need for leadership to acknowledge and address the concerns of the community, offering solace and tangible solutions in the wake of such devastating events.

As the women of Benue State make a heartfelt stand against the violence that has shattered their lives, their roadblock protest symbolizes more than just a physical obstruction; it is a poignant cry for justice, peace, and security. The tragic events that have spurred this protest underscore the urgency for meaningful dialogue, interventions, and tangible measures to put an end to the cycle of violence that has plagued the region for far too long.

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