ChatGPT launches smartphone app starting with iPhones 


ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI has launched its mobile version to become available on iPhones.

The tech company disclosed this in a blogpost seen by the Kayefi team on Friday. 

According to the post, the app is set to debut on iPhones in the United States and will later be coming to Android phones.

Kayefi understands that now that the AI chatbot is available on mobile devices, a tonne of imitation apps that have tried to cash in on the ChatGPT technology risk losing consumers.

Recall that since ChatGPT was made available to the public more than five months ago, it has generated both excitement and concern due to its capacity to produce genuinely human-like essays, poems, form letters, and conversational answers to practically any subject.

“We’re starting our rollout in the US and will expand to additional countries in the coming weeks,” said a blog post announcing the new app, which is described in the App Store as the “official app” by OpenAI.

The software syncs user history across devices, according to the statement, and incorporates Whisper, OpenAi’s open-source speech-recognition system to support voice input. 

Users can also type inquiries and the chatbot will respond with an answer.


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