EFCC Office in Lagos

Clash Ensues as Department of State Security Seizes EFCC Office in Lagos


In a dramatic turn of events, the Department of State Security (DSS) operatives have stormed the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) office in Ikoyi, Lagos, blocking access for officials of the anti-graft agency. The situation has been fueled by an ongoing rivalry between the two agencies over the ownership of the building, according to impeccable sources within both organizations.

The DSS operatives made their presence known at approximately 7:00 am on Tuesday, and despite attempts at dialogue between the two agencies, they refused to vacate the premises. An undisclosed source confirmed these developments during a telephone interview with our correspondent.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an EFCC official revealed, “There has been a long-standing dispute between us and the DSS regarding the ownership of this office. Initially, it was used by them before being handed over to us when the EFCC took charge. Although this has been an administrative issue, it has not previously escalated to this extent. We are puzzled as to why they are blocking our office and denying our officials access, especially considering the recent change in government.”

Echoing these sentiments, a source within the DSS stated, “The office used to belong to us, and we have been locked in a battle for its ownership for several years. The EFCC is well aware of this.”

Notably, both spokespersons for the EFCC and the DSS, Wilson Uwujare and Dr Peter Afunaya respectively, have failed to respond to inquiries regarding the ongoing situation.

Key highlights of the news:

  • Clash over office ownership: The DSS and the EFCC are engaged in a fierce dispute over the ownership of the office located in Lagos. The building was previously used by the DSS but was later handed over to the EFCC. The ongoing administrative issue has now escalated into a physical confrontation.
  • DSS operatives seize EFCC office: DSS operatives stormed the EFCC office in Ikoyi, Lagos, early on Tuesday morning, preventing EFCC officials from entering the premises. Despite attempts at dialogue, the DSS operatives have remained steadfast in their blockade.
  • Silence from spokespersons: Both Wilson Uwujare of the EFCC and Dr Peter Afunaya of the DSS have refrained from commenting on the situation, leaving the public and concerned parties without official statements regarding the confrontation.
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