Dele Alli Reveals Rehab Experience

Dele Alli Reveals Rehab Experience and Aims to Inspire Others


Dele Alli’s Rehabilitation Journey

Everton midfielder Dele Alli has opened up about his recent six-week stay at a rehab facility in the United States for addiction, mental health, and trauma treatment. In an interview, he shared his struggles with sleep medication addiction, which he relied on to cope with traumas from his childhood, including being sexually abused at the age of six. Alli expressed his hope to inspire others by sharing his story and emphasized the importance of seeking help and talking about mental health.

Return to Everton and Battling Negative Cycles

After a loan spell at Turkish club Besiktas, Alli returned to Everton this summer. However, when faced with the need for another surgery, he recognized the negative cycle of addiction resurfacing and decided to seek help. He acknowledged the harmful effects of relying on substances and emphasized the importance of personal realization and self-driven decisions in seeking rehabilitation.

Determination to Overcome Challenges and Rediscover Form

Dele Alli expressed his determination to fight for a place in the Everton team this season under manager Sean Dyche. Despite a decline in form and personal struggles, he shared his belief in his own abilities and resilience. Alli credited the tough times he faced for making him stronger and more determined, expressing gratitude to those who challenged him and inspired him to prove himself right.

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