E-Hailing Driver's Confession Unveils Startling Robbery Scheme

E-Hailing Driver’s Confession Unveils Startling Robbery Scheme Amid Economic Hardship in Lagos


Robbery Confession

Jeremiah Adeniran, an e-hailing driver in Lagos State, has confessed to robbing his female passengers after declining ride orders from men. Adeniran attributed his actions to the economic hardship caused by the removal of fuel subsidies, pushing him and two accomplices to commit the crimes. He disclosed that they made a total of N700,000 from robbing passengers and had targeted female passengers during their operations.

Tragic Outcome

The robbery scheme took a dangerous turn when Adeniran and his accomplices were arrested after their last operation in Ikotun. The stolen phone seized from a lady led to his apprehension. Adeniran urged the youth to avoid such criminal paths and earn money through legitimate means, acknowledging that desperate circumstances had driven him to this life of crime.

Other Criminal Activities

The Lagos State Police Command also paraded suspects involved in various criminal activities. Three suspects were apprehended for the killing of an Inspector, while another group was caught stealing goods worth N60 million. Additionally, a joint operation led to the arrest of five suspects involved in drug-related offenses, with several wraps of illicit substances recovered.

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