Enugu State Government Cracks Down on Sit-at-Home Compliance

Enugu State Government Cracks Down on Sit-at-Home Compliance, Seals 106 Shops and 2 Banks


Governor’s Stern Action

The Enugu State government, led by Governor Peter Mbah, has taken decisive action against businesses that observed the sit-at-home order imposed by a factional leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Simon Ekpa. As a result, 106 shops and two banks were sealed in the state for complying with the order, and they will remain closed for one week.

Condition for Reopening

In an effort to enforce the ban on sit-at-home orders, the government has laid out conditions for the sealed businesses to be reopened. After the one-week closure, the businesses must provide their current tax clearance certificates and other relevant revenue documents to be considered for reopening.

Ownership Culture vs. Punishment

The government clarified that the sealing of the businesses is not punitive but aims to foster an ownership culture that discourages compliance with sit-at-home orders. The government seeks to protect economic growth and resist attempts at intimidation by those imposing the sit-at-home directives.

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