Federal Government Pledges to Tackle Food Insecurity

Federal Government Pledges to Tackle Food Insecurity and Boost Export in Agriculture Sector


Abuja, August 22, 2023 – Abubakar Kyari, the newly appointed Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, assumed office today, articulating the Federal Government’s resolute commitment to addressing food security challenges and capitalizing on Nigeria’s agricultural potential. Speaking at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security headquarters, Kyari underscored the importance of political will, partnership, and sustainable strategies in achieving these crucial objectives. Here are the key highlights from his statement:

Bold Commitment to Food Security and Export

Minister Kyari affirmed the government’s determination to alleviate hunger and food insecurity across Nigeria. Emphasizing that these challenges stem from factors such as insecurity and flooding, he acknowledged the difficulties faced by the nation. However, he voiced optimism that with the backing of President Bola Tinubu’s unwavering political will, these challenges are surmountable. The minister expressed a dual focus – not only securing and feeding the nation but also harnessing the country’s untapped potential to export food items.

Potential for Agricultural Progress

Kyari, along with his Minister of State counterpart, Aliyu Abdullahi, highlighted Nigeria’s vast potential for agricultural growth. He cited the political will demonstrated by President Tinubu as a significant driving force for the ministry’s agenda. Despite the formidable challenges, Kyari asserted that the country’s determination and available resources would propel the nation towards achieving food security and becoming a prominent exporter in the agricultural sector.

Governor Zulum’s Perspective

Accompanying the ministers, Governor Prof. Babagana Zulum of Borno State reiterated the need for long-term and sustainable solutions to combat food insecurity. Stressing that short-term palliatives are insufficient, he advocated for robust investment in commercial and modern agriculture. Zulum urged the adoption of innovative techniques like irrigation and green technology to enhance productivity. He cautioned that the country’s growing population juxtaposed with dwindling food supply necessitates a proactive and forward-looking approach.

As the Federal Government embarks on a journey to bolster food security and enhance the agricultural sector’s contributions to the economy, Minister Kyari’s commitment, coupled with Governor Zulum’s insights, present a comprehensive approach to tackling Nigeria’s pressing food-related challenges. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and long-term strategies, the government aims to lay a solid foundation for a sustainable and prosperous agricultural landscape.

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