Former Imo State Governor Indicted for Land Dispossession: Committee Recommends Recovery and Restitution


Okorocha Indicted for Land Dispossession

In a significant development, Rochas Okorocha, a former Governor of Imo State, has been indicted by a committee established by the Imo State Government to investigate the recovery of land belonging to Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education (AIFCE). The committee’s report accuses Okorocha of utilizing brute force to wrest the land away from the college, tarnishing his legacy as a former governor.

Forceful Acquisition and Unauthorized Transactions

The report, signed by Prof. Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe (chairman) and B F Anyanwu (secretary), highlights Okorocha’s alleged misuse of authority during his tenure. The committee asserts that he orchestrated the confiscation of AIFCE’s land, employing methods such as military intervention and thuggery. These tactics allowed him to allocate or sell the land to his close associates, including in-laws Dr. Uzoma Anwuka and Kingsley Uju, as well as other figures like Chief Acho Ihim, Charles Orie, Prince Charles Amadi, and Ugochukwu Hillary.

Recommendations for Restitution and Recovery

The committee, following its investigation, recommends a series of actions to address the land dispossession. It calls for the swift recovery of the Shell Camp land from Okorocha and his associates within a six-month period. Furthermore, the land is to be handed back to AIFCE. To redress the situation, the committee urges the Imo State Executive Council to oversee the reclamation of all land unlawfully held by individuals and institutions. The committee also underscores the significance of compensating the original landowners, the Orji indigenes, and advises the Army to vacate shanties they erected on the land, relocating to Obinze.

Governor Hope Uzodimma expressed gratitude for the committee’s thorough inquiry and pledged the state government’s commitment to adhering to due process while implementing the committee’s recommendations. This case highlights the importance of accountability and proper stewardship of public resources, especially when entrusted with the responsibility of governance.

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