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Google Set to Wait Till 2025 to Deploy Fully Customised Phone Chip


Tech giant, Google, has announced plans to delay the release of its fully custom chip for its Pixel smartphones until 2025. 

Two persons privy to the development disclosed this on Thursday according to The Information. 

The Information claims that the tech giant will also switch Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing from Samsung to produce the Tensor chips.

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In order to replace the semi-custom semiconductors it now develops with Samsung Electronics, Google originally intended to ship the chip, internally referred to as Redondo, the following year.

According to The Information, Google will continue working with Samsung for another year and defer the launch of a fully customised design processor, code-named Laguna, until 2025.

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The 3-nanometer manufacturing technique used by TSMC, which is now the most sophisticated chipmaking technology in use, will form the foundation for the Laguna chip, the report said.


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