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Google Cloud Plans to Scale Nigerian Businesses Through Moniepoint Partnership 


A new cooperation between Google Cloud and Moniepoint, a platform for business banking that caters to unbanked companies in outlying regions of Nigeria, has been unveiled.

Felix Ike, Chief Technology Officer at Moniepoint disclosed this in a recent statement. 

By filling the banking gap in suburban areas, the cooperation intends to provide accessible financial services to millions of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs).

In order to help these firms become digital and grow, Moniepoint has changed its attention to consumer-facing solutions.

The business has used the scalable cloud architecture of Google Cloud to do this.

The infrastructure of Google-owned service provides low-latency internet connectivity, guaranteeing prompt banking services.

Due to difficult access to internet connectivity, Moniepoint may now offer banking services in Nigeria’s rural towns and communities.

The partnership between global tech giant and Moniepoint will help underbanked companies succeed in Nigeria’s outlying regions by giving them access to digital financial services.

“Google Cloud has been a key enabler in fueling Moniepoint’s growth journey from day one, as we expanded from a small business to become a licenced business bank that serves 1.3 million businesses across Nigeria today,” said Ike.

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