Gunmen Kidnap 25 Worshippers

Gunmen Kidnap 25 Worshippers in Northwest Nigeria Church Attack


On Sunday, gunmen attacked the Bege Baptist Church in Kaduna State, northwestern Nigeria, and kidnapped 25 worshippers, according to a church official. The attackers initially abducted 40 people, but 15 of them managed to escape. Joseph Hayab, the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Kaduna state, reported that the 25 abducted are still being held by the attackers. A police spokesperson confirmed the attack but declined to provide further details.

Insecurity Remains a Challenge for Nigeria’s Incoming President

This latest church attack is part of a series of security issues in Nigeria, where the incoming president, Bola Tinubu, will face a significant challenge as he takes office later this month. Kidnappings are rampant in northwest and central Nigeria, where hostages are held in camps in vast forests awaiting ransom payments. Additionally, kidnappings can be an issue between opposing communities, exacerbating tensions.

Past Church Attacks in Nigeria

Last year, attackers opened fire on a Catholic church in southwestern Ondo, killing at least 40 people. In a conflict between herding and farming communities over water resources and grazing land, gunmen killed 33 people in a village in Kaduna State in April.

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