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How to Swop GOtv Decoder for a New One – Multichoice Decoder Exchange


GOtv, a popular digital terrestrial pay-TV service provided by MultiChoice Nigeria, has gained widespread popularity for its excellent video and audio signal quality, comparable to its sister service, DStv. However, some GOtv users have experienced issues with their decoders, such as booting failures and sudden stillness. These problems are often related to software or hardware malfunctions in the GOtv decoders.

In response to this, MultiChoice has introduced a program that allows customers to exchange their faulty GOtv decoders for brand new ones at a nominal fee. In this guide, we will explore the details of this decoder swop program, the conditions for exchanging your decoder, and the process involved.

Conditions for GOtv Decoder Change/Swop:

The process of exchanging your faulty GOtv decoder for a new one is relatively straightforward, but there are some conditions that need to be met. Just like the previous Multichoice DStv decoder exchange program, which used to be free but later required a fee after the deadline, the GOtv decoder exchange also comes with a small token charge.

For your old and faulty GOtv decoders, you can exchange them for new ones by paying just 1,500 NGN. To proceed with the decoder swop, follow the steps outlined below:

Visit any MultiChoice office or major DStv/GOtv outlet

Simply walk into any MultiChoice office or a popular DStv/GOtv outlet near you, where subscribers can pay their GOtv and DStv subscription tariffs.

Submit your faulty GOtv decoder

Present your faulty GOtv decoder to the customer service representative at the outlet. They will inspect the decoder to ensure that it is genuinely faulty.

Pay the swop charge

Once the faulty decoder is confirmed, you will be required to pay the swop charge of 1,500 naira.

Receive your brand new GOtv decoder

After completing the payment, you will receive a brand new GOtv decoder in exchange for the faulty one.

It’s important to note that there are no extra or hidden charges associated with the exchange process. The new GOtv decoder provided to you will be linked to your existing GOtv subscription account. This ensures that you can continue enjoying your already paid subscription without any interruption in your TV viewing.

For example, if your old GOtv decoder develops a fault 15 days after payment and reconnection, the new decoder will continue to access the same GOtv subscription for another 15 days once it is fully activated.

Activation Time and Availability

The activation of the new GOtv decoder usually takes place within minutes after receiving it. However, in some rare cases where there may be limited stock, it could take a day or a few days for activation. Rest assured that once activated, you can continue enjoying your favorite TV channels and programs seamlessly.

Important Points to Remember

Don’t attempt to repair your faulty GOtv decoder yourself or take it to unqualified technicians for repairs. MultiChoice ensures that their decoders are tamper-proof, and any attempt to open or repair the decoder will void any warranty or swop benefits.

Always ensure you have proof of ownership when exchanging your faulty decoder. This may include the receipt of purchase and the last receipt of payment. In case you don’t have these documents, your name on the account and an ID card should be sufficient for the exchange.

Final Words on How to Swop Your Faulty GOtv Decoder for a Brand New One

If your GOtv decoder develops any faults, take advantage of MultiChoice’s decoder swop program to exchange it for a brand new one at a nominal fee. Remember to visit any MultiChoice office or major DStv/GOtv outlet, submit your faulty decoder, pay the swop charge, and receive your new GOtv decoder to continue enjoying uninterrupted TV viewing. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your entertainment experience remains uninterrupted and enjoyable with GOtv.

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