IPMAN Warns Marketers in Kogi State Against Tampering with NMDPRA Seals


The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) has warned marketers in Kogi State to avoid tampering with seals belonging to the Nigeria Mainstream Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA). The IPMAN Chairman in Kogi State, Hon. Mejid Okomanyi, gave the warning during a meeting with the State Coordinator of NMDPRA, Orit Godwin, on Monday. Here are three key highlights from the news:

Unlawful Act

 The IPMAN chairman described removing NMDPRA seals as unlawful and noted that his body was committed to upholding the rules guiding Nigeria’s downstream sector. He also appealed to the management of NMDPRA to temper justice with mercy and assured that all members of IPMAN found wanting would face the full wrath of the law.


Okomanyi assured NMDPRA that IPMAN would collaborate with the agency to weed out any marketers engaging in sharp practices across the 21 Local Government Areas of Kogi State. In response, the Kogi State Coordinator of NMDPRA, Ogbe Godwin, said the agency was not out to witch-hunt any marketer but rather ensure that those engaging in illegal practices were shown the exit door from the system.


The NMDPRA Coordinator warned that any marketer caught engaging in sharp practices would be sanctioned accordingly without fear or favour. He also emphasized the need for safety measures, such as checking fire extinguishers, proper signage, and fixing malfunctioning pumps.

IPMAN has warned marketers in Kogi State to stop tampering with NMDPRA seals, describing the act as unlawful. The association has pledged to collaborate with the regulatory agency to weed out any marketer engaging in sharp practices. The NMDPRA has also warned that any marketer caught will face sanctions without fear or favour and emphasized the need for safety measures to be implemented.

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