Kwara State Government Reverses Decision

Kwara State Government Reverses Decision on Reduced Working Days for Civil Servants


Reversal of Directive

The Kwara State Government has reversed its recent directive that reduced the official working days for civil servants from five to three. The decision, which was communicated on June 5, 2023, aimed to mitigate the impact of the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government. However, in a subsequent letter to the Heads of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) on June 26, the Head of Service reversed the directive to allow for further discussions between the Federal Government and organized labor regarding more efficient interventions to cushion the effects of the subsidy removal.

Resumption of Five Working Days

Following the reversal, civil servants in Kwara State will return to the previous arrangement of five working days per week. The change will take effect from July 10, 2023. This decision reflects the state government’s willingness to engage in dialogue and reach a consensus with the organized labor regarding the optimal working schedule for civil servants.

Appreciation and Stipends

The letter from the Head of Service also stated that workers who were not initially affected by the reduced working days would receive stipends as a show of appreciation. This gesture recognizes their dedication and commitment to their duties during the period when the reduced workdays were implemented.

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