Lagos Businessman Summoned by Police over Distribution of Explicit Image

Lagos Businessman Summoned by Police over Distribution of Explicit Images, Faces Potential Prosecution


Lagos Businessman Invited for Questioning

The Lagos State Police Command has taken action by inviting Amarah Kennedy, a prominent businessman based in Lagos, for questioning regarding the circulation of explicit photos featuring his former partners. Kennedy has allegedly continued to disseminate these images of two single mothers with whom he had previous relationships.

Shocking Distribution of Images

The explicit photos were reportedly sent by Kennedy to the WhatsApp platform associated with the church attended by one of the women, identified as Kester. Disturbingly, Kennedy proclaimed, “By the time I am done, suicide will be her only option,” suggesting his malicious intent. Despite this, Kester has received support from her in-laws and pastor, who have reached out to express solidarity.

Police Response and Ongoing Investigation

The spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Benjamin Hundeyin, announced through a series of tweets that Kennedy has been urged to present himself to the authorities for questioning. Hundeyin also revealed that an officer accused of soliciting a bribe in connection with the case has been transferred to the Provost for investigation and orderly room trial. The Commissioner of Police, CP Idowu Owohunwa, has assured the survivor of the incident that justice will be served, and additional measures will be taken to provide her with the necessary psychosocial support.

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