Lagos Waste Management Authority Issues Final Warning

Lagos Waste Management Authority Issues Final Warning on Waste Bins, Intends to Seal Non-Compliant Properties


Intention to Seal Notice

Starting from Friday, July 7, the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) will commence serving “intention to seal” notices on homes and properties without waste bins on Lagos Island and Mainland. The move comes after sufficient prior notice had been given to homeowners, urging them to procure standard waste bins for their properties.

Cultivating Proper Environmental Habits

Mr Kunle Adebiyi, the Executive Director of Finance at LAWMA, emphasized the importance of residents cultivating proper environmental habits and supporting the government’s efforts to maintain a cleaner environment. By taking action against violations and ensuring compliance, the aim is to establish a sustainable and more livable environment for all.

Enforcement and Phased Approach

LAWMA’s enforcement team will focus on areas in Lagos Mainland and Island where waste management violations have been observed. Thorough inspections will be conducted to identify individuals, households, or businesses that consistently neglect waste management guidelines. Those found in violation will receive an “intention to seal” notice, providing specific actions required to rectify the situation and avoid further penalties. This initial phase will be followed by visits to other areas in the state to ensure comprehensive compliance.

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