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List Of Websites To Submit Short Stories For Money In Nigeria


Are You Looking For The List Of Websites To Submit Short Stories For Money In Nigeria?

Have You Been Looking The List Of Websites To Submit Short Stories For Money In Nigeria?

Are You an Nigeria Writer Looking to Generate Extra Revenue Online? Submitting short stories online could be the solution to earning some additional funds! Submitting them as short story submissions on websites could be the perfect way to do just that!

There are a wide variety of websites offering short story submission for money in Nigeria; we will present here some of these popular options to submit and get paid.

1. Opera News

Opera News Opera News, an African news website that accepts short story submissions from Nigerian writers, pays out each accepted story with cash rewards for authors residing within Nigeria.

2. Scooper News

Scooper News Scooper News is an online platform which publishes short stories by African writers for which they pay $1 each accepted short story.

3. MakeMoneyNG

MakeMoneyNG provides writers in Nigeria an avenue to showcase and connect with fellow authors. Accepted short story submissions receive N500 upon acceptance – making MakeMoneyNG an indispensable platform.

4. Saraba Magazine

Saraba Magazine is an African literary journal which publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art by African writers and artists. They offer $100 for short story submissions that they accept into publication as well as editorial feedback to writers who need it.

5. Info Guide Nigeria

Info Guide Nigeria is an online publication which publishes news, technology articles, non-fiction pieces and reviews about products. They accept short story submissions from Nigerian authors who receive N500 per accepted story for acceptance into publication.

6. Idea Hub NG

Idea Hub NG is a Publication website which publishes how-to articles, fiction and essays by writers of African descent. They pay $1 for every short story accepted into publication as well as providing editorial feedback where necessary.

7. Naija Online Biz

Naija Online Biz is a blog dedicated to publishing business related articles, fiction and non-fiction from African writers. They pay $1 for every accepted short story submission.

8. BandsNG

BandsNG is an African blog which publishes helpful articles, nonfiction pieces and technology updates from African writers. They accept short story submissions from Nigerian authors for consideration – accepting one story will pay $5 for acceptance!

9. African Voices

African Voices is a literary magazine which publishes poetry, fiction and essays written by writers of African descent. For each accepted short story accepted into their publishing house they offer writing workshops as well as editorial services to further advance writers’ skills.

10. Johannesburg Review of Books (JRB).

The Johannesburg Review of Books is an African literary website which publishes book reviews, interviews, essays from authors and readers within Africa, short story submissions from Nigerian writers (with payment made for accepted stories) as well as acceptance rates at $50 for accepted tales.

Final words on List Of Websites To Submit Short Stories For Money In Nigeria

Conclusion If you’re an author in Nigeria looking to monetize their short stories for extra cash, submitting them through these websites could be the ideal way to do it.

These sites offer various payment rates and editorial feedback, providing opportunities to connect with fellow writers while honing your writing abilities. So why not give it a go now by submitting your work today?

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