Manhunt Intensifies for Fleeing Drug Dealer

Manhunt Intensifies for Fleeing Drug Dealer After Dramatic Clash with NDLEA Officer


Luxury Car Escape Turns Violent

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has launched an intense manhunt for Sowunmi Kayode, a notorious drug dealer based in Lekki, Lagos. In a dramatic turn of events, Kayode fled the scene after crushing an NDLEA officer with his luxury car while attempting to escape arrest during a house search operation over the weekend.

Search Operation at Notorious Dealer’s Residence

Anti-narcotics officers from the NDLEA carried out a raid on Friday, August 18, at Sowunmi Kayode’s residence situated at 2/3 Adetola Ayeni Close, Lekki, Lagos. The operation was prompted by credible intelligence suggesting his involvement in illicit drug activities within his house.

Escape Unfolds Amid Chaos

While the wanted drug dealer was not present when the NDLEA operatives initially arrived at his residence, he returned while the search was ongoing. In a startling sequence of events, upon spotting the NDLEA officers, Kayode reversed his car, striking and injuring an officer, and subsequently ramming his vehicle into his own gate and a neighboring compound’s wall. Despite the impact, Kayode managed to flee the scene on foot, leaving behind a trail of chaos. The search of his apartment yielded 10.5 kilograms of illegal substances known as “Loud.”

In response to this incident, NDLEA’s Chairman, Brig. Gen. Buba Marwa (retd.), has directed the agency to deploy necessary resources to locate and apprehend the fugitive drug dealer. Additionally, Marwa emphasized the importance of providing comprehensive medical care for the injured officer, who suffered multiple injuries and compound fractures due to the collision.

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