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The Nigeria Women’s National Football Team, also known as the Super Falcons, has long been a force to be reckoned with in African women’s football. However, recent events have raised questions about their dominance. Will the Super Falcons be able to bounce back from their recent defeat in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations? How will they fare in the upcoming World Cup? Let’s delve deeper into the challenges and controversies surrounding the team, the key players, their historical performance, and their expectations for the future.

Challenges and Controversies Surrounding the Team

The Nigeria Women’s National Team has encountered several challenges and controversies throughout their journey. These hurdles have tested their resilience and hampered their progress. One major issue that the team has dealt with is the struggle with owed bonuses. The players have faced delays in receiving their rightful compensation, which has not only caused financial strain but also affected morale and motivation.

Despite these challenges, the Nigeria Women’s National Team has a rich history in women’s football. They have consistently performed well in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, securing multiple titles over the years. Their achievements in this tournament showcase their dominance and skill in African women’s football. Additionally, the team has made several appearances in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, where they have represented Nigeria on the global stage.

In fact, the team’s best performance in the World Cup came in 1999 when they made it to the quarter-finals. This achievement demonstrated their ability to compete with the top teams in women’s football. However, in recent editions of the tournament, the Nigerian team has struggled to replicate this success and has faced early elimination in the group stages.

While the Nigeria Women’s National Team has achieved great success on the field, they face difficulties in the development and organization of women’s football in Nigeria. The lack of adequate infrastructure, funding, and support has hindered the growth of women’s football in the country. This has made it challenging for the team to consistently perform at their best and reach new heights.

nigeria women's national team players

Nigeria Women’s Football Achievements
Multiple Women’s Africa Cup of Nations Titles
Quarter-finals in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup
World Cup Appearances Multiple

Coach and Key Players

The Nigeria Women’s National Team is under the guidance of Coach Randy Waldrum. Despite facing criticism and challenges, Coach Waldrum brings valuable experience from coaching in Trinidad and Tobago and at the University of Pittsburgh. With his expertise, he aims to lead the team to success in the upcoming Women’s Football World Cup Nigeria.

One of the standout players in the Nigerian squad is Asisat Oshoala, who has been in exceptional form while playing for Barcelona. Oshoala’s skills and agility on the field make her a formidable force to be reckoned with. She has proven her excellence in the sport by recently winning the Champions League with Barcelona. Asisat Oshoala’s contributions on the field will be crucial in Nigeria’s pursuit of success in the Women’s Football World Cup.

Other talented players on the Nigerian women’s national team include Rasheedat Ajibade and Esther Okoronkwo. Ajibade possesses excellent technical skills and a high football IQ. Okoronkwo, on the other hand, is known for her speed and goal-scoring abilities. These players bring a mix of talent and expertise to the team, adding depth and versatility to Nigeria’s lineup in the World Cup.

With their skills and determination, these key players have the potential to make a significant impact and showcase the talent of Nigerian female footballers on the global stage.

nigerian female footballers

Key Players Position
Asisat Oshoala Forward
Rasheedat Ajibade Midfielder
Esther Okoronkwo Forward

Historical Performance and Expectations

The Nigeria Women’s National Team has a distinguished history in women’s football, with numerous Women’s Africa Cup of Nations titles and regular participation in the World Cup. However, replicating their past successes has proven challenging in recent tournaments.

In their most notable World Cup appearance in 1999, the team reached the quarter-finals, showcasing their potential on the global stage. Since then, though, they have faced early elimination in the group stages of subsequent World Cups.

Looking ahead to the upcoming World Cup, the team’s realistic aim is to progress from the group stage. However, they face formidable competition from Australia, Canada, and Ireland in their group, making advancement a significant challenge.

It is important to acknowledge that the Nigeria Women’s National Team’s standing in women’s football in Nigeria is impacted by societal stigma and poor administration. These factors further complicate the team’s journey to success and growth.

Despite these obstacles, the team’s rich history and resilience provide hope for future achievements in women’s football. With the right support and resources, the team has the potential to overcome challenges and make a lasting impact on the world stage.

nigeria women's football achievements

The image above celebrates the impressive achievements of the Nigeria Women’s National Team in women’s football, highlighting their success in the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations and their participation in the World Cup.


The Nigeria Women’s National Football Team, also known as the Super Falcons, is gearing up for the upcoming World Cup amidst challenges and controversies. Despite these difficulties, the team boasts a talented squad, with players like Asisat Oshoala leading the way. With a strong history in women’s football, the Super Falcons have dominated the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations for decades.

However, recent World Cups have seen the team struggle to replicate their past successes, with early eliminations in the group stages. As they enter the tournament, the Super Falcons have set their sights on progressing from the group stage and showcasing the immense talent of Nigerian female footballers.

The team faces tough competition from other teams, and there are challenges within the women’s football landscape in Nigeria. These challenges include administrative issues and societal stigma. Nevertheless, the Super Falcons are determined to overcome these obstacles and make their mark in the World Cup, representing not just Nigeria but also the entire African women’s football community.

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