Operation Hadarin Daji Neutralizes Four Bandits

Operation Hadarin Daji Neutralizes Four Bandits in Maradun, Zamfara State


In a daring and successful operation on Friday night, Operation Hadarin Daji scored another victory against the menace of banditry in Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara State. According to a highly reliable source within the troops, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the operation resulted in the neutralization of four bandits who were poised to unleash terror on a vulnerable community in the region.

Reacting swiftly to a tip-off, the gallant troops moved into action, engaging the armed bandits in a fierce gunfight and effectively thwarting their plans to attack the village. The troops’ resolute action not only saved innocent lives but also dealt a significant blow to the criminal elements plaguing the region.

As a testament to their bravery and determination, the troops successfully recovered one General Purpose Machine Gun, one FN Rifle, and an impressive cache of 123 rounds of special ammunition during the encounter. This decisive action further weakened the bandits’ capabilities and disrupted their activities in the area.

In addition to the recent operation, a series of coordinated efforts by the troops have cleared several bandits’ camps in the neighboring states of Zamfara and Sokoto. Villages such as Mutuwa, Guda tudu, Kawar, Dantayawa, Gidan Kare, Mahuta, and Gyado have been successfully freed from the clutches of these criminal elements, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the joint task force.

Major General Godwin Mutkut, the esteemed General Officer of 8 Division Sokoto and Commander of the Joint Task Force for Operation Hadarin Daji in the North-West zone, commended the troops for their relentless efforts in curbing banditry in the region. The general also extended his gratitude to the brave individuals who provided valuable information, enabling the success of these operations.

In light of the ongoing efforts to eradicate banditry, Major General Godwin Mutkut called on the general public to continue cooperating with the troops and sharing any useful information regarding the whereabouts of the bandits’ hideouts. The public’s support and collaboration with the security forces remain crucial in achieving lasting peace and security in the North-West region.

The success of the recent operation is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Operation Hadarin Daji in restoring peace and stability to Zamfara State and its neighboring regions. As the joint task force continues its relentless pursuit of criminal elements, the hope for a safer and more secure community remains within reach.

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