Palestinian Government Urges UN to Implement International Law

Palestinian Government Urges UN to Implement International Law and Protect Lives Amidst Israeli Attacks


Amidst escalating tensions in the region, the Palestinian government has appealed to the United Nations to intervene and ensure the application of international law, particularly for the protection of vulnerable Palestinians. The call comes in the wake of a brutal attack by the Israeli Occupation Forces on the Jenin refugee camp, prompting widespread condemnation from Palestinian officials.

In a statement released on Tuesday and signed by the Ambassador of Palestine to Nigeria, Abdallah Abu Shawesh, the international community is urged to uphold the principles enshrined in international law, UN resolutions, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Geneva Convention. The Ambassador highlights the need for a resolute stance against Israel’s relentless aggression and emphasizes the occupying power’s obligation to adhere to its international legal obligations.

According to the Ambassador, the military assault on the densely populated Palestine refugee camp commenced with airstrikes on residential homes and civilian infrastructure, followed by the incursion of a heavily armed ground force. Tragically, this aggression resulted in the loss of ten Palestinian lives, numerous injuries, and extensive damage to properties and infrastructure.

The Palestinian government contends that Israel’s actions reflect a deliberate disregard for international law and a persistent pursuit of military solutions, aimed at eradicating the Palestinian people from their ancestral homeland. The Ambassador attributes the recent military aggression to the incitement campaign led by the current far-right Israeli government.

Expressing concerns over the international community’s perceived double standards, the Ambassador warns that such inconsistencies give Israel the implicit approval to perpetrate further crimes and inflict more suffering upon the Palestinian population. The Palestinian government calls for tangible legal and diplomatic measures to be taken against Israel, akin to actions seen in other parts of the world, to hold the occupying power accountable for its actions.

It is an urgent and overdue moment for the international community to translate words into actions by taking immediate and decisive measures. The Palestinian government implores the international community to break the silence, end the inaction, and protect the lives of defenseless Palestinians. The plea echoes the need for genuine enforcement of international law, the realization of justice, and the preservation of human dignity in the face of ongoing aggression.

Key Highlights

  • Palestinian government calls upon the United Nations to enforce international law and safeguard the lives of defenseless Palestinians.
  • The Ambassador of Palestine to Nigeria condemns the Israeli Occupation Forces’ assault on the Jenin refugee camp, resulting in casualties and significant damage.
  • The international community is urged to take a firm stance against Israel’s aggression, demanding compliance with international law and the cessation of attacks on civilians.
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