Pastor Arrested for Allegedly Defiling and Impregnating 15-Year-Old Girl

Pastor Arrested for Allegedly Defiling and Impregnating 15-Year-Old Girl in Rivers State


Arrest of Pastor for Alleged Sexual Assault

The Rivers State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of a pastor, known as Pillar, from the Gracious Covenant Church. The arrest follows accusations that the pastor defiled and impregnated a 15-year-old girl in the Ndele community of Emohua Local Government Area. The incident has raised concerns and sparked an investigation into the alleged crime.

Complaint by Victim’s In-Law

The arrest came after Amesi ThankGod, an in-law of the victim, reported the incident to the authorities. ThankGod stated that the minor and her mother were members of the pastor’s church. Initially, the girl would visit the church to relax while her mother worked on the farm. However, the situation changed when the minor started exhibiting strange behavior, leading to the discovery of her pregnancy.

Pastor’s Admission and Attempted Intervention

Following the discovery of the girl’s pregnancy, ThankGod’s wife confronted the pastor, who reportedly admitted to being responsible for impregnating the minor. Allegedly, the pastor requested that the family allow him to arrange for the termination of the pregnancy. However, the family firmly opposed this suggestion, recognizing the potential dangers it posed to the girl’s health. Subsequently, the matter was reported to a vigilance group, which then handed the suspect over to the Rumuji Police Division for further investigation.

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